Ana Sayfa
Sustainable Development Goals
Good Health and Wellbeing

Health Services

Our university offers various training and programs to the local people, students, and staff to improve health and well-being outcomes. Sakarya University has both in-house and public training on many subjects such as health, family interaction, healthy aging, healthy nutrition, obesity, harmful substance use. These training are organized face-to-face or online.
Our students voluntarily participate in the vehicles of the Red Crescent Blood Center and contribute to the blood donation activities of the city. We also organize blood donation programs to encourage blood donation across our university and the city.
There are many student societies for various sports activities such as healthy living, healthy eating, mountaineering, and archery, and they continue their public works throughout the year. Communities that do not operate annually are considered passive and closed.
In addition, the patents of medical products and hygiene products developed within Sakarya University are transferred to local companies, and support is provided to the local committee on R&D.
A Smoke-free air policy, which plays a very important role in ensuring a healthy life, is implemented on our campus. Sakarya University carries out many studies on raising awareness of local people on basic health issues as well as students. There are many courses offered in this context at Sakarya University that are open to the public's face-to-face or online participation. Within the scope of these courses, training are given on various subjects such as family planning, healthy nutrition, infectious diseases, diet and health, sexual development, and privacy education. Students from all grade levels and from all faculties and departments can attend these courses, as well as non-students of our university.
If the spouses of our university staff do not have any health insurance, they can apply to our personnel unit and benefit from the health insurance provided by our university, MEDIKO or our collaboratives.

The purpose of our Mediko Social Center, which is within the body of Sakarya University Health Culture Sports Department, is to protect the physical and mental health of the students, to treat or have the sick ones, to deal with the social and spiritual needs of the students, to work in coordination with the Department, to help them evaluate their time according to their interests and to create new opportunities. to provide opportunities for them to gain areas of interest and to work towards improving the health and social status of students and the development of their personalities in a healthy way with such services.

In addition to the students, our University employees and their dependent family members also benefit from the health services of the Medico Social Center.

In our Medico Social Center; Polyclinic services, Psychological Counseling, and guidance services are included.

Within the scope of health services, service is provided by 2 physicians and 7 nurses, 1 of which is our institution physician. Within the scope of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services, we provide services with our 4 psychologists and 3 support personnel.

Our university shares its social and sports facilities with the local community. Access to the social and activity areas at Sakarya University is free and open to the public. Institutions or sports clubs that want to organize sports activities can benefit from Sakarya University's activity areas. Social areas, show areas, congress centers, and halls are also open to the use of institutions.

The activities and the conditions under which these areas can be used are specified in the Sakarya University Health Culture and Sports Association regulation. Sakarya University Health Culture and Sports Association was established to organize and manage all kinds of Sports, Culture, and Art Activities in order to protect the physical and mental health of students and to spend their spare time. and to evaluate the facilities and areas of the university within the framework of this purpose. This unit is responsible for ensuring that university academic staff, civil servants, and the public benefit from these facilities as much as possible.
Our university offers various training at Sakarya University Continuing Education Center to people who could not continue their education due to impossibilities, but who want to pursue a career in the field of health or who want to make a minor in the field of health. At the end of these pieces of training, an exam is held and people who pass these exams have a certificate that allows them to work in various sectors in the field of health.