Student Hunger

Our dietician determines the food menu according to the amount of energy (kcal) required by the individuals and considers the nutritional balance. In the context of students' food safety, samples are taken from meals every day, and these samples can be sent for analysis when food poisoning is. Samples of all meals are kept for one week.

Both Sakarya University and The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inspect the catering company that provides catering services, and it is checked that they produce the following hygienic conditions. 

Food scholarships are given to students in need at our university, and these students do not pay for lunch and dinner. According to the catering company's agreement, part of the meal cost per person is paid by the university. In this context, all students can access food at an affordable price. Dinner is not compulsory, but our university offers this service to ensure that all staff and students have access to clean and safe dining.

The lunch and dinner service offered on campus includes a standard menu, diet menu, vegetarian, and vegan meal options. If the meal is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans, there is a vegetarian or vegan alternative in the standard menu prepared outside the diet menu. Anyone can choose from the standard food presentation area for vegetarian, vegan, diet, or non-vegan menus. Apart from the food menus, there is a salad bar service at every meal. People can prepare salads from the ingredients according to their preferences.