Proportion Of Graduates With Teaching Qualification

Number of graduates


Number of graduates who gained a qualification that entitled them to teach at primary school level


Lifelong Learning Measures

Our university provides access to educational resources for those not studying at the university. The libraries of Sakarya University, physical and digital resources, and devices in the libraries are accessible to the public. The library unit organizes public training on the use of resources. Students who study at different universities can attend the courses at Sakarya University if their institution accepts them. During the registration period, they can register for the courses. Besides, they can register for all courses offered in the summer school without any pre-acceptance. Access to all faculties, departments, curricula, course contents, and course materials added by faculty members can be accessed through Sakarya University's education information system website (https://ebs.sakarya.edu.tr/). All of the materials on this site are open to public use. Our university host events at university open to the general public: public lectures and community educational events. Public training is provided within the Sakarya University Continuing Education Center.

Participants in these training can obtain certificates and be included in job placement programs depending on the training type. These trainings include paid and unpaid training. Public training and seminars on various topics are held in the congress center and general-purpose halls. Faculty members of Sakarya University evaluate the industry's training demands within the scope of industry-university cooperation goals. Our faculty members attend paid or free training and seminars for the sector through the Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our university host events at university open to the general public: executive education programs (this refers to short courses for people who are not attending the university; this specifically excludes courses like MBA) and/or vocational training. Sakarya University Continuing Education Center (SAUSEM) includes training or training series open to the public.

There is no need to take part in the university to attend this training. Within the scope of the training carried out by SAUSEM, there are various training such as vocational training, technical training, certification training. This training can be diversified according to the demand of the sector. Our university undertakes educational outreach activities beyond campus, in the community, including voluntary student-run schemes. Sakarya University organizes educational and social aid activities outside the campus. There are student societies for social aid and education purposes. Some of these communities are the aid community for the surrounding villages, the support community for individuals with special education, the diverse student community, and the drop student community. Participation in these communities and events is entirely voluntary. Sakarya University supports communities financially and in providing transfer vehicles. Some of the activities carried out within the scope of community activities are material aid, educational material assistance, theater performance for students, games, and activities for special education students, establishing a library, food aid, etc.Our university has a policy that ensures that access to these activities is accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability, or gender. Sakarya University's activities are open to society members without discrimination and are guaranteed by ethical behavior principles and Sakarya University ethical committee guidelines. No discrimination is made regarding race, ethnicity, national belonging, class, caste, religion, opinion, gender, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender characteristics, age, health status, or other types of conditions in any process within Sakarya University. This right of equality applies to all processes such as recruitment, student recruitment, appointment and promotion, participation in events, and taking administrative duties. Equality is an internalized issue within Sakarya University, and sensitivity is shown on this issue. Other behaviors are considered discrimination and hate crime, and an investigation is initiated against the person or persons who committed this crime.

 Proportion Of First-Generation Students

Number of students


Number of students starting a degree


Number of first-generation students starting a degree