Ana Sayfa
Sustainable Development Goals
Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


University Governance Measures

Our university has written policies and procedures to identify local stakeholders external to the university and engage with them. Sakarya University's written policies and procedures for identifying and communicating local stakeholders are specified in the strategic plan and are followed up with performance indicators. Our university has participatory bodies to recognize and engage local stakeholders, including residents, local government, local private, local civil society representatives. Sakarya University's communication coordinator and public relations unit work to increase and strengthen the local contacts. Also, the department is responsible for conveying the requests from residents to the relevant units. Our university has a publication of the university's principles and commitments on organized crime, corruption & bribery. Such crimes are defined in the disciplinary regulations of public institutions and organizations, and their penal sanctions are determined within the scope of the laws. This regulation can be accessed on our website. Our university has a policy on supporting academic freedom. Our academics are free to work in any field they want. As can be understood from the appointment and promotion policy, there is no field guidance.

Working With Government

Sakarya University provides specialized expert advice to the local, regional and national government. Our academics in national and regional fields are appointed by the state as experts and inform the government about the issue resulting from their examinations. Many universities had problems due to the transition to distance education during the epidemic period. Sakarya University is one of the universities with the most experience in distance education in the country and has been appointed by the government to share its knowledge and experience with other universities. Sakarya University contributes to policymakers and lawmakers with its projects and provides social aid, general education, skill development, and capacity building on related issues such as economy, law, technology, and climate change. Politicians share their views on the neutral platform established at Sakarya University.

Proportion Of Graduates In Law And Civil Enforcement

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Number of total graduates from law and enforcement related courses