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Community Anti-Poverty Programmes

Community Anti-Poverty Programmes

Our university has several units and programs which serve for supporting local entrepreneurs.

Sakarya University assists the start-up of sustainable businesses through relevant education and resources and provides financial, offices, employees, interns, R&D infrastructure, and laboratory support to the establishment of hundreds of businesses operating in various sectors.

Sakarya University Continuous Education Center (SAUSEM) plans courses systematically throughout the year to support entrepreneurs, from inside or outside of the university, in terms of building well-structured and robust start-up businesses. Sakarya University Technopolis and Business Incubator Center provide workspace or offices for innovators, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. These services are free of charge.

The start-ups are required to prepare projects to continue to stay in Technopolis or Business Incubation Center. The entrepreneurs may benefit from Research and Development Application and Research Center (SARGEM), university laboratories, and other required university facilities. Technopolis, Technology Transfer Office (Adaptto) and Business Incubator Center prepare mentorship programs for both the students and the community and prepare training workshops about innovation, entrepreneurship, related national and international Project programs.

Apart from the above applications, our students studying in all departments take the Entrepreneurship and Project Management course. This course is a common (compulsory) elective university course and should be taken before graduation. Within the scope of this course, students are asked to prepare a project proposal. The projects presented are evaluated by the faculty members and the students are directed to the Business Incubation Center or Technocity. Along with this process, students are provided with academic and commercial support on entrepreneurship, and grants are given for projects.

Our university provides financial assistance to the local community for assisting the start-up of sustainable businesses. Our university does not charge entrepreneurs, innovators, or start-up companies for their business costs (electricity, natural gas, water, rent, etc.) In 2020 Technopolis granted approximately $7,000 for Business Incubator Center and Student Projects. Also, G-FAST is a competition supported by Sakarya University, Technopolis and Adaptto. Students from all universities can apply for the competition, and their Project proposals are evaluated by a jury containing faculty members and professionals from the industry. Award-winning projects are supported with faculty assistance and mentorship, and also they get financial assistance from their projects and a financial award.

Our university organizes training or programs to improve access to basic services for all. We organize training programs on basic services. This training may refer to people from inside or outside of the university. On the other hand, MEDIKO (Sakarya University Medical Social Institution) provides free medical assistance (inside and outside the university). It works as a community health center and serves basic health services. Doctors, psychiatrists, and nurses serve for all community and all the services are free of charge.

In our university, public training are given on basic subjects such as healthy life, healthy nutrition, home economics, basic first aid, home accidents.

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