Employment Policies

Policy Elements:
This policy covers following personal features;
Gender identity / sexual orientation
Pregnancy / maternity/ paternity
Disability / medical history
Marriage / civil partnership
Etnicity/ nationality
Sakarya University opposes discrimination among employees as in every field. In this context, our university; Employees are provided regardless of characteristics such as sexual orientation, age, gender, religious belief. Our university is always open to different colors and diversity. We believe that this policy will be beneficial to use the power brought by diversity as a support.
As we are equal in terms of employment, we are also very sensitive about discrimination that may occur during the working process. When discrimination is detected on issues such as age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, it will be considered as a disciplinary offense and there will be criminal sanctions. In this respect, our policy aims to prevent discrimination.
Actions to Prevent Discrimination
No one will be discriminated against in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation in recruitment.
No privileges will be granted to anyone on leave days, wages or deductions, working hours and existing procedures will be followed.
The rights of the personnel who are discriminated against in the working environment will be reserved and the person who discriminates will be disciplined and punished.